Counselor's Happenings!

counselorWelcome to my Counselor Corner!!

This is my 10th year at Prairie Creek Elementary School as the school counselor. 

I am one of our StuCo Advisors.
We will begin our "Pennies for Patients" at the end of January with a coin war between the grades...always a lot of fun and a tiny bit of competition!
February 11th and 12th  will have StuCo selling Valentine Grams. StudCo will set up their booth in the foyer selling the grams and distributing them daily until Valentine's Day students leave for early dismissal on February 13.
March brings us straight into March Madness (always fun) and spring break, both of which we participate in lots of various activities...a favorite is helping Mr. Hogan set up and organize "the teachers vs students" basketball game to kick off March Madness!
May is our month to plan for our lemonade stand we have during our field day. It has been a success each year with StuCo being able to donate a generous amount to Alex's Lemonade Stand Charity and to Children's Mercy Hospital (in honor of our PC students).
As always Prairie Mart is each pod monthly!!

Lessons each month continue to center around the book  The Leader in Me incorporating the Zones of Regulation and our monthly character key!!
The students are generating and asking higher level thinking questions as we learn the 7 Habits in The Leader in Me...keeps me on my toes answering their questions and I am loving it!!!