Classroom Information

Classroom Expectations

I believe in having a classroom environment that is safe, supportive, and conducive to learning. Therefore, our rules will be based on respect and responsibility. They are as follows:

1. Respect yourself, others, and their property.
2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
3. Have all materials ready for class.
4. Keep your voice to an inside working level.
5. Be polite and helpful.

Classroom Management

I believe in the power of positive reinforcement and use it as my focus, however if your child has difficulty with school expectations they will have consequences as outlined in the Disciplinary Rubric in the back of the Student Handbook. If your child does not meet behavior expectations in the classroom then they will need to do laps during part or all of their recess. Depending on the behavior then they may need to complete a “Think Sheet” during recess and bring home to be signed and returned. This keeps you informed of your child’s behavior as well as consequences. 

Decision Dollars

Each student will also have the opportunity to earn/lose Decision Dollars. This will be a money system that we will use in our classroom. They can earn Decision Dollars for making positive decisions such as good behavior, completing tasks in a timely and orderly fashion, etc. There will be various rewards that they can purchase with their Decision Dollars.


Your child will be responsible for completing and returning homework on time.  Any homework that is not complete or turned in on time will result in a “Late Assignment Notice” and loss of Decision Dollars.  This will keep you informed of your child’s homework and will need to be signed and returned.  Your child will also have to stay in during recess to complete the assignment or to redo the lost assignment.  I expect that students return the “Late Assignment Notice” the following school day signed.  Most days students will have a Study Link for math homework.  Students will also be responsible for knowing spelling words by Friday for tests.  Power Drills will be sent home on Friday and due the following Thursday.

Assignment Notebooks

Third grade is the first year that students will be provided with assignment books to help them remain organized.  This is an excellent resource for your child as well as for you.  I will be instructing and modeling to students the expectations of their assignment notebooks.  Students will need to write down all of their assignments daily.  I ask that you check your child’s assignment book daily to remain informed about their schoolwork and sign it as well.  Please also use this as another form of communication for us, by jotting down a quick note or reading a note that I have written for you.  Your child can also earn Decision Dollars for having their notebooks completed fully and having you sign their assignment notebook.

Take-Home Folders

I believe that it is very important to teach students how to become organized and responsible for their assignments.  Each student will have a “Take-Home” folder that will be used daily to transport their assignments, graded papers, notes, etc.  One pocket of their folder will be labeled “Bring Right Back”.  This side will be for any assignments or papers that need to be brought back to school.  This will include homework, “Late Assignment Notices”, “Think Sheets”, and forms from school that need to be completed.  The other pocket of their folder will be labeled “Left at Home” items such as graded papers.  Please encourage and help your child to clean out this Take-Home Folder on a regular basis to help them remain organized.  I will be sending home assignments and notes throughout the week.  

Grades- Skyward

Skyward is the computer program that I use to enter your child’s grades.  Please contact the office to get an access code so that you can view your child’s grades online anytime.  I try to grade assignments and record them promptly.  I will try to have all weekly grades entered by Sunday evening.  I also post any comments about grades as well as missing assignments.  Please use this resource as a great way to stay up-to-date and informed of your child’s grades.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this helpful resource.