Joy Rider

Hello My Name Is...

Joy Rider


Welcome to Kindergarten! Each day we are exploring and learning new things, as well as practicing the things we have already learned.

In reading, we are learning how to combine the sounds of letters to read words! We also are learning how to become good writers. We will start the year reading very simple words and writing labels for pictures that we draw. Before long we will be reading entire books and writing complete sentences!

We also work hard in mathematics. We will learn to count by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's. We will daily practice reading a calendar, make graphs, and shapes. We will practice our problem solving skills too, as well as other math skills such as addition and subtraction.

We also have fun in science and social studies. Some of our units include life science, earth science, citizenship, our state and country, and families.

Feel free to stop by our classroom for a visit, or contact me at or call me at 913-592-7178.